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Here in Southern Appalachian we have an architectural style all our own. Our homes are set apart from those in the rest of the country. We select natural materials like river rock, cut stone, frame timber, bark siding, cedar shanks, natural laurel and pine to build and finish their Dream Mountain Home. Post and beam timber frame, natural logs, and twisted laurel are carefully crafted into the unique homes that make living here so special. Some builders in these mountains specialize in working reclaimed logs and timber,  and seasoned galvanized roof metal into homes that blend perfectly with the environment. Arts and Craft style homes grace these ridges adding character and value. The homes here seem to rise like natural outcrops of the mountains themselves… as if they have always been here. Mother Nature approves!

The homes of Avalon are organic, natural and unique.

Avalon has identified some of the best designers, architects and builders in Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee. We have built relationships that will help you find the right team to help you make the best decisions for your Dream Mountain Home. Allow our team to introduce you to the best of the best home designers and builders in The Land of Wonder and Enchantment.

Carolina Home Plan - Avalon


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