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Three Benefits to Buying A New Home

View from the porch - Avalon Mountain Community - new home WNC

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There are many reasons to love buying a new home, we’ve picked 3 big ones for you to consider.

You’re starting fresh!

There is no need to try fitting your dream home inside somebody else’s dream. Why waste time and money having to undo what the previous owner thought was important. With a new home you’re building around your lifestyle and what is important to you. Your home should allow you to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Make It Your Own!

When starting from the ground up you can pick every room dimension, fitting and finishing. Your dream home can include the latest technologies and systems to make it more efficient than retrofitting an older home. Smart appliances, security and HVAC systems will allow you to keep your home operating at its best even when you’re not there.

Peace of Mind!

When building or buying a new home they generally come with a warranty, which means the Builder will come back and fix any problems. Be sure to find out exactly what the warranty covers, the remedies it offers and how long it’s valid for. Warranties vary widely, so read the fine print.

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